From Concept to Completion

The journey from an idea to the finished product has many steps. This is the story of a sign on display in our showroom…

First, the concept was sketched out. The idea was to have the two sides of the sign look totally different, and showcase several of the many materials and lighting options J&B Graphics can provide. We wanted to evoke a retro pinball machine aesthetic with a large flashing arrow, and make it colorful and exciting. Here is the initial concept sketch (click to enlarge):

After some verbal brainstorming to clarify the concept, the next step was to draw the sign as it would look when completed. After a few revisions and modifications to the original design (stars were initially included on one side, but were replaced with pinball bumpers), the drawings were finalized.

Using the drawings as a guide, the expert members of J&B’s fabrication shop create the sign, usually from aluminum (but can be steel, depending on structural requirements). After construction, the sign body goes to our paint department. It’s beginning to look like the drawings now! (click photos to enlarge)

Next, the lighting and decorative elements are added. This sign uses incandescent lighting, Flexibrite LED tubing, illuminated push-thru letters, and backlit thermoformed letters. The wiring and controllers for the flashing components are also installed at this time.


With all of the construction completed, the sign is ready to be installed. This sign is about 10 feet tall and 2 feet wide, and required a crew of people to hoist it into place, make the electrical connections, and attach it to the steel I-beam in the showroom.

The final touch is a digitally printed background on one side that looks like a classic pinball game layout. Finally, the completed Pinball sign is lit up and in motion!

Custom Boat Wrap

Our digital department designed, printed, and installed a jazzy custom boat wrap for a customer. Check out the time-lapse video below:

Thelma Gaylord Emergency Shelter

YWCA donor plaque

J&B Graphics is proud to have produced the donor plaque for the YWCA’s emergency shelter expansion (click on the photo for a larger view). This facility doubles their capacity to provide a “safe haven” shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. See the article and video from for details.

Buick Building in Automobile Alley


In March of 2014, J&B Graphics created and installed two huge, neon-enhanced signs for the historic Buick building at 1101 N. Broadway in Oklahoma City. KFOR news featured the installation of the signs in a news report focusing on the revitalization of Automobile Alley.