Company History

From President and Co-Founder Jackie Turner:

J&B Graphics, a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise, began in 1987 as a sole proprietorship in the back room of our house. The company began as a plastic and metal name badge business. We sent out bulk mail fliers to uniform shops all over the country with hopes there would be takers. We used the children’s phone as a fax/business phone, on which we put a message machine to either press 1 to leave a message or 2 to send a fax. The funny thing was that we did not put a phone number on the flier, just a PO box, and they had to pre-pay the order. I always thought that it was odd that someone would just send a check with an order to a PO box in Mustang, Oklahoma…but they did.

The first year we did $12K in business and slowly started making sales calls while the baby was with the grandparents. We landed our first big badge job, which was 2500 pieces for a local hospital. We turned that order around in two weeks. After that, they asked if we would like to make their signs. We only had a Wizard engraver and would need a vinyl machine to handle their signage. So we bought one and would have to take one machine down to put the other up based on our orders. Keep in mind, it was just myself and Bob, and he was working during the day as a Dahlgren salesperson selling the first computer engraver – “The Wizard”. Over the next year, we picked up a new building for the interior signs and made some great friends in the construction business. In 1990, we incorporated the company. From that date to now, we have grown to have a strong presence in the signage world.

Today, we have contracts with some of the largest construction companies in the nation, and are also on a preferred vendor’s status with some of the largest hospital chains. As a custom sign company that can manufacture and install interior/exterior signage nationwide, we are licensed in many of the states. We still treat our customers the same as we did in 1987 and have treasured those long-standing relationships that have seen us through our growing pains. In 2010, our digital printing division opened. We purchased a large-format roll material printer as well as a flatbed printer that can give you a full-color, picture-perfect print. We also provide vehicle wraps and can print on any substrate material.